Saturday, 14 July 2012

Farmers' Market

Every Saturday morning, the Dunedin railway station hosts a farmers' market. Rain or shine, dozens of people set up stands and sell fruits, veggies, cheeses, wines, meats, fish, baked goods, jams, nuts, and many other delicious treats! It was quite rainy today, but the lot was still packed with eager, if somewhat cold and wet, shoppers.

the market is open and busy even in the rain

Last week, I tried a pear and vanilla crepe from one of the stands. It was magnificent - warm and sweet and deliciously spiced. Unfortunately, the crepe stand is taking two weeks off from the market, so today I tried a curried lentil samosa from another stand. I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say that it too was wonderful! 

I also bought some apples and pears at the market, and my flatmate Sophie and I are going to do some baking with them later today. It is quite an adjustment going from a full-service dining hall at home to having to cook every meal for myself here. Since that's still a novelty to me, I do not much mind cooking, and hopefully it'll stay that way through the semester. It is fun to cook with others and look up recipes online. And though I'm not a great cook, I do love to bake. I've already made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and they were quite a hit in my apartment complex! I've also tried some delicious restaurants around town, which I'll have to fill you in on later!

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  1. How can they sell Royal Gala apples for 80 cents per kilo? That is SO cheap!
    Eat one for me.
    Uncle Darrin